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Telluride, Colorado mountain side deep green earth-covered
residence with passive solar heating
Earth-covered stone with passive solar
Craftsman style residence with active solar radiant
floor and domestic hot water heating system.
solar hot water collectors on craftsman style home
Commercial natural hot springs - Architect on hotel office addition and construction subcontractor on octagon bathhouse, A-frame
remodel, hot tubs & landscaping.
outdoor natural hot springs
bath house at natural hot springs steam rising from outdoor natural hot springs
Mixed use commercial pharmacy and retail building with passive solar heat, active solar photovoltaic electric, solar radiant floor heat systems. Constructed using innovative reclaimed materials.
solar collectors on commercial project
reclaimed materials used in commercial project
Historic Victorian Residence
victorian interior
1994-small straw bale residence
small scale strawbale project
Passive solar strawbale mountain side residence

Holistic commercial women's center with inner
adobe octagon performance space
natural commercial women's center
Passive solar craftsman house utilizing trombe walls
craftsman style home with 2 story trombe wall

Sustainable passive and active solar strawbale
rendering of straw bale architecture passive solar straw bale exterior
Addition to Durango Restaurant/Brew Pub
Commercial addition/remodel, Steamworks
Ecological passive solar pumicecrete, adobe and reclaimed timber residence - with rain water catchment, off-grid photovoltaic solar system
and solar domestic hot water.

Strawbale public library design.
Strawbale public library design
Mixed use passive solar project. Professional photography studio/gallery, Town Mayor's office and rear residential unit.
passive solar professional photography studio-gallery
Passive and active solar holistic strawbale residence
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passive solar straw bale with barrel vaults

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Adobe, stone & wood residence on Gunnison River.
Adobe, stone & wood residence on Gunnison River.Adobe, stone & wood residence on Gunnison River.
Structural Insulating Panel (SIPs) super efficient
residence with active and passive solar systems
exposed wood beams in sips residencepassive solar sips structure
structural insulated panel (SIP) direct gain interior
exposed wood beams

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