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Alternative Natural Environmental Architecture
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Two story solar adobe project
traditional solar adobe designcreative rain water diverting canale on adobe residence
solar adobe home blending into landscape
Timbers, stone and wood - natural community center building

Greg's 1988 innovative concept of an unplastered rammed earth wall system with mid wall sandwiched insulation finally coming to fruition. Other environmental features include: passive solar, active solar radiant floor heat, solar domestic hot water, reclaimed materials and
off-grid photovoltaic electricity.
finished rammed earth residence solar hot water and photovoltaic collectorsrammed earth home under construction
reclaimed metal used for trusses unplastered rammed earth walls
vivid color bands in rammed earth wallssculptural rammed earth walls
Alternative pumice-crete compound with double adobe guest house/office
pumice-crete architectureenvironmetal pumicecrete residence
pumice-crete homepumice-crete structure
finished interior with fire place of pumice-crete residencepumice-crete pour

Passive and active off grid lodge at commercial meditation center.
natural interior passive solar architecut
sustainable interior patially earth covered passive solar residence
solar panels on passive solar meditation center
Double-adobe passive and active solar environmental residence with ground source heat pump and earth plaster. Featuring adobes created using site soil, mid-wall cavity perlite insulation, and a roof water catchment system. Voted the public's favorite project in the tour of houses.
double adobe residencepassive solar double adobe home with mid wall insulation
exposed vigas in solar adobe homenatural adobe interior
sustainable double adobe home with mid wall insulation
Earth sheltered production greenhouse in western Canada.
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south side of earth covered production green housesheltered north side of production green house
aerial view of earth covered production greenhouseinterior view of production greenhouse
Natural timber frame studio with recycled cotton insulation

Passive solar with exposed adobe thermal mass wall
exposed adobe thermal mass wallpassive solar direct solar gain thermal mass wall

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More Photos and Designs.....Pages 1 2 3 4 5

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